For the past two years we have been pouring our lives into creating a collection of songs that are as unique as the flowers blooming on the trees outside this window. Hand crafting each song with an intent focus and drive that you would only find in a professional athlete. Well I suppose given our athletic backgrounds (as division one athletes) this would only make sense. Thousands of hours later we are pleased to announce that the album is almost complete.

The name of the album is Static Flowers (Set to be released this Summer 2012) and is unlike any of our previous compilations. Static Flowers was designed to be a hybrid of the classic vintage sounds of the 60’s with song messages that pertain to our modern world. We can say that through countless supporters and our kick-a*$ team of musicians, engineers, and studios in Nashville, TN we were able to execute our dream album. This video (link found above) sets the tone for Static Flowers because it introduces you to the studio, engineer, and players that rocked this album. There is more footage to come. Stayed tuned and thank you for your support.

Shine on,

The Bergamot AKA (Jillian & Nate)


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