Woohoo… the very bright and beautiful 2012 is here! It is a new year, which means it is time for a new and improved you right? Well, we have all heard this before but what gets you moving in the right direction? What gets you to change? Do you want more energy or do you need to lose weight so you can have more fun? Whatever your reason is to move in a healthier direction you should know that there is no better time than the present to change. Ignite your SPARK, let it shine bold and bright in 2012. You deserve to sparkle.

My wake up call came twelve years ago when my cancer ridden grandmother moved in with my family in 2000. At the age of 11 I watched my once full of life 66 year old grandmother completely deteriorate from pancreatic cancer, and there seemed as if there was nothing anyone could do to help her. After her passing I began to find ways to combat “cancer”. It has taken years for me to assemble a new way of looking at  the disease. Over the years I have diligently researched ways to  protect one’s body from disease and have found through  consuming vibrant foods and adopting a active lifestyle health and energy can be yours. Now, I am 23 years old have more energy than I know what to do with and have transformed my life through eating whole living foods and though being an active participant in my physical/spiritual development.

I atribute a lot of my findings to Kris Carr, the mulit-talented brillent vixen, wellness warrior, and New York Times best selling author of “Crazy Sexy Diet“. She is one of my all time favorite people to learn from, you will love her too. She has reshaped my perspective on Cancer and has changed my life forever “where ever you are right now I thank you for being so brave and honest”.

Even though cancer and disease run through my family I have no anxiety about disease because I am actively taking a role in my health and you know what… it feels pretty good, if I may say so my self.

I would love  to share a few vitality tips with you from one of my favorite Cancer surviving pioneers of our generation. Here are a few tips from Kris Carr’s New Book “Crazy Sexy Diet”. She is one of my all time favorite no-nonsense no-bull$hit authors Kris, you’re a true CRAZY SEXY FIRE THAT IS IGNITING THE WORLD!

If you really want to feel good, day in and day out then I suggest you pick up the call you wont regret it.


  1. Everyone needs to have his/her own wake up call.  A true call to action because you deserve to be healthy… NOW!
  2. Kris emphasizes a low – fat vegetarian, fruit and veggie-stacked program, which seeks to balance your beautiful bod’s PH levels and restore energy and vitality.
  3. Ditch processed sugar/ junk food/drinks and Milk – Grab more juice drinks, smoothies, raw living foods full of nutrients and minerals to keep your cells healthy!
  4. In her new book Kris destroys the common myth that you can only access protein through animal products. You can get all the protein and calcium you need from a varied plant based diet!!! Don’t believe this; go to page 68 in “Crazy Sexy Diet.”
  5. Invest in a good Juicer ( I own a Hurom Slow Masticating Juicer and it is Kick’s Ass!), Blender (VitaMix Blender), and a good Food Processor to create sustainable life force meals for your glowing body.

 More Crazy Sexy Tips to come. In the mean time for your own sake pick up Kris Carr’s new book Crazy Sexy Diet!


Breath Beauty. Love Extravagantly. Shine On.


The Bergamot a Sparkly New Year.


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