Nowness is defined as the quality or state of existing or occurring in or belonging to the present time. What do you initially think of when you hear the term NOWNESS? O.K. take a moment to think of what you think of when you hear the word NOW?

Do you think of the laundry list of activities you need to accomplished, do you contemplate silence, or think of the present and just pause? When I think of the term NOW I begin fidgeting, sifting though a cluttered mind full of  to-do lists that never seem to cease. Yet, when I think of NOWNESS I begin to shift gears into a zone where I can deeply focus on the beauty in the present moment. Can adding NESS to the word NOW make that big of a difference? I believe the answer is yes it can. We live in a “NOW” society where everyone wants what they want NOW… because of this way of living there is so much built up stress and pressure and quite frankly I think the 36 million depressed Americans are fed up with feeding the I need it “NOW” mentality more than ever. The “NOW” mentality feeds our candy wants but not our soul.

With the 2012 holiday season right around the corner I challenge you to take 5 minutes a day and begin your journey to be in the present moment. By practicing being in NOWNESS your stress level will decrease and your happiness will increase. Sometimes doing a gentle activity while listening to soothing music will help you be present and more relaxed.

“Songwriting keeps me grounded in the present moment by teaching me to be aware and fully devoted to each word, breath, and note.”  If your a musician try songwriting, if your not try drawing, taking a long walk, or writing in a journal. Do what ever it takes to de-stress your body and rejuvenate your senses you will be happier for it.

Music and the Present 

“What can music do for humans? According to Sari Harrar, “Clinical studies and anecdotal evidence from music therapists suggest that the sound of music helps to …

  • manage pain
  • improve mood and mobility
  • reduce the need of pain relievers and sedatives accompanied with surgery
  • relieve anxiety
  • lower blood pressure
  • ease depression
  • enhance concentration and creativity

He continues by suggesting that “music has the power to soothe the savage–stressed out–beast.”

Dr. Gaynor says, “Listening to music is proven to reduce stress.” According to a Japanese study, stress hormone levels (ACTH and cortisol) were measured in surgical patients just before anesthesia was administered. Patients who listened to soothing music immediately before, showed a drop in stress hormones by more than 50 percent. The opposite happened to those who did not listen to music. Their hormone levels showed a rise of more than 50 percent. They concluded that any music a patient finds pleasurable will reduce levels of stress.” (Stress and Environment) 

The Bergamot came out with “Haven” as a stress reducer and it has done just that for thousands of people. Additionally, I have placed a few tips below on how to stay present.

( taken from the resourceful website )

Focus On Nowness
There are three things we can think about:

  1. The past. Reliving things we messed up about. Being embarrassed about something we did. Wishing we could have something back that is gone. Living in memories of good times past. Being angry about things done to us. You get the idea.
  2. The future. Worrying about things we need to do later. Worrying about what might happen, or a big event coming up. Being anxious that things might go wrong, or that we might mess up. Hoping for something wonderful. Dreaming of great things to come.
  3. The present. What is happening right now, at this moment. What we are doing now.
 For more simple tips on how to be present in the now click this link. 
Take a deep breath and enjoy the NOWNESS journey. 

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