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Today, I (Jillian Speece) will speak on behalf of The Bergamot when I say that The Bergamot believes Simplicity = Happiness. The first time we toured America (Autumn 2010) we spent weeks making check lists of things that we thought we needed to bring. Everything from band-aids to a full out screen printing machine went into the “Tour Bus” (aka a Volvo Hatchback). A year later looking back on that first tour it is amazing to think about how much stuff we brought along and did not need. Just think, over the span of 2 1/2 months we barely used the stuff that fit into less than 20 cubic feet! And yet we had the best time of our  lives just living off the bare essentials while pursuing our passion. This life lesson changed the way I think. I now take action based off of the theory that less=more.  Essentially, every human is  renting everything that we possess from God. When you die you can not take your home, dog, diamonds, or  your wheat grass juicer with you, it will all just be re-purposed. If your looking for happiness start by taking a life inventory (from the belongings you are “renting” to the way you treat others and yourself.)  A good way to begin or end your day is to be grateful towards God for all of your blessings.

TIPS: For you, with love The Bergamot 

1. De-clutter : Start simplifying by de-cluttering your living space. Begin with a small space like your bathroom. Throw away or recycle unused products, get storage/shelving unitis and minimize your body products by at least half. Then once you have organized that space go to your bedroom grab a good friend and ask them to just stand there and help you decipher what would be useful to keep and what should be tossed. The key here is that you have a friend with you, since they will not be emotionally attached to the objects you are seeking to give away. Also, do not get hung up on the dollar bills you spent on that blouse from the early 1990’s. It is time to free your self and part of that process is letting go of the monetary side of the things you will be giving away to people in need. For great references on how to de-clutter your life please scroll down to the bottom of this blog. 

2. Meditation: By meditating you have an opportunity to de-cluttering your brain and open your senses up to new enlightening opportunities.Take 10 minutes to just focus on your breath pattern. Sit outside and let the sun hit your face for a few minutes and just be present to the moment and to your breath. You’ll be glad you did.  Click this link to learn more about meditation. The site is called Whole Living, there you can learn many beautiful things on how to benefit your mind/body/soul. 

3. Kindness: Be kinder to yourself. We live in such a dishonest media community, where just about every where you look you see altered photos of women and men that set us up for unrealistic expectations. So today when you look in the mirror please treat your self kindly. Start by saying at least 3 positive things about yourself.

 Click this link to find out more tips on how to be Kind to yourself. 

References: on how to de-clutter your life. I found these references on a blog called  Zen Habits check it out for yourself.

1. Simplify Your Life. My favorite all-time author on simplicity is Elaine St. James. Actually, all of her books on simplifying are good. Also check out Living the Simple Life. See my review on these two books here.

2. Unclutterer.com. I’m a big fan of this blog, which is written by a small group of decluttering fanatics like me. If you don’t read them regularly, look through their archives

3. Flylady.net. One of the best sites on the Internet for those who want to take control of their clutter, Flylady inspired me before I started Zen Habits. A couple of my favorites: How to Declutter andDeclutter 15 Minutes a Day. Don’t let the look of the site or the focus on stay-at-home parents fool you … there’s great stuff here for anyone looking to declutter or create routines.

4. 30 Days to a Simpler Life. A book by Connie Cox and Cris Evatt, it takes various ways to simplify your life, including decluttering, and puts them into a 30-day program.

5. Your Life. Organized. An excellent blog by Monica Ricci, who is a professional organizer. You can’t get better than this professional. You might also be interested in her book, Organize Your Office In No Time.

6. Real Simple: The Organized Home. Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines. I don’t subscribe, but often read the website,RealSimple.com. This book (“The Organized Home“) takes a lot of their best advice on home organizing, including decluttering, and puts it into one volume.

7. Interested in seeing some of the smallest most beautiful homes ever. Visit  Tumbleweed Tiny House Company



  1. KWheat says:

    LOVE this, Jillian. Thanks so much for all the great reminders and helpful links. I look forward to delving further into this when my next clean-up, clean-out mode happens.

    • thebergamotmusic says:

      So happy that you enjoyed it. I posted another blog a few days ago that was about Kale he he so thought of you my dear. I look forward to hearing about your travels to Nashville TN. Cheers and Shine On Kristy.

  2. pleasantandhome says:

    Kristy knows me well, I do love love this! My happiest place is somewhere I might need to name “simply prepared.” No more or less than needed. As I try to figure that out, I’m working pretty hard at suggestions 3 and 2. 😉

    • thebergamotmusic says:

      Pleasure to meet you! I love learning about how to effectively create balance. I discovered simplicity teachings in high school and have had an ever growing curiosity ever since then. Cheers to you for staying simply prepared I love that!! And yes who is’nt working on suggestions 3 and 2. So happy that you enjoyed this entry…

      PS I do hope you have gotten a chance to listen to the music of The Bergamot as well. http://www.thebergamot.com

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