Living in today’s modern fast paced world is not easy, especially if you are over worked and underpaid like the majority of us. Let me ask you does being a full-time musician sound fun? Well, the truth is I love my line of work, being a musician is fun, and it is challenging yet there is one thing that I need all the time to keep me going and that is ENERGY. That is right good ol’ fashioned ENERGY. Being a member of The Bergamot is an exhausting job since I must be in tip-top shape to perform, travel, network and keep up on multifaceted tasks that are required of me. Does this life-style sound familiar to you? Whether you’re a musician a student, stock-broker, or parent we could all use a bit more energy. Below I have posted a few things that I do to  keep  my ENERGY up and ready to go.

First, I always eat a good breakfast…( no matter what). Secondly, I eat whole foods ( food that is colorful, food that contains nutrients and is primarily raw (ex. apples for that matter all fruit, carrots, spinach, whole grain breads,quinoa, nuts, legumes, beans ext.) Also, I never ever drink sugar laden drinks and for that matter stay away from processed foods. I always, shop on the perimeter of a store since the middle is where all the junk food is located. Additionally, I am a die-hard ingredient label reader, if I can not pronounce a word on the list or if the list is longer than 10 -15 words than it is typically not worth consumption because it is dead of nutritional value.

Here is The Bergamot’s ENERGY boosters Drink

Juice drink Recipef rom The Bergamot’s door to your door.

Juicing Kahle with The Bergamot

The Bergamot’s Mean Green Motha-Truck’n Monster (Juice Drink)

3 heads of Kale

1 Carrot

1 Beat

1 Lemon (peeled)

1/2 of a bag of spinach

1 red Organic Apple

1 thumb piece of Ginger root ( or as much as you want)

3 Garlic Cloves ( these are used to boost your immune system)


1. Place all of the fruits and Veggies on your Kitchen Table. Wash them and peel the lemon and garlic cloves.

2. Get your Juicer out ( if you don’t own one find a friend who does, if you can’t find a friend head over to Whole Foods or a small locally owned Natural food service store) and begin by juicing the Kale and continue on down the list.

3. Catch the Mean Green Motha- Truck’n juice in a glass bowl then get your hand-held strainer out and strain over a drinking glass then drink it up and reap the benefits of more ENERGY!


Jillian from The Bergamot drinking Mean Green Juice Drink


2 thoughts on “NO ENERGY?

    • thebergamotmusic says:

      Mollie, you are one of my inspirations. I am always seeking to stay in shape and your ZUMBA class did that for me. You are my all time favorite ZUMBA instructor. Your upbeat personality and your positive energy with that cute little cabbie hat you always used to wear were a sure fire sell for me. haha Anyways, miss you and so happy that you enjoyed this blog. xo
      – j

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