Pop/ Organic Pop Music

Energy. Love. Music.

The Bergamot’s on Fire and loving the heat.

Jauary 3, 2011

The Bergamot originated in the Spring of 2009, out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Singer/Songwriter’s Jillian Speece and Nathan Hoff created the group after performing and writing music together for over seven years. Both Speece and Hoff are dedicated to creating songs with catchy melodies, strong rhythms and above all a relatable message. Speece is known for her silky-smooth, soulful, and strong vocals, while Hoff’s dynamic guitar playing is full of intensity, passion, and effortlessness. Their genre is Pop/Organic Pop, and their sound is reminiscent of notable artists such as, Joni Mitchell, Sara Bareilles, James Taylor, The Weepies, Norah Jones, Lauryn Hill, Dave Matthews, Colbie Caillet, Joss Stone, Ingrid Michaelson, John Mayer, Regina Spektor, Natasha Bedingfield, and Feist, to name a few.  During May of 09’ they decide to name their duo the Bergamot after Hoff suggested to Speece that the name would suit their fun, lively, multifaceted music well. The groups’ name the Bergamot derives from the natural oil of the fruit, Citrus bergamia, a fruit used to bring about a feeling of freshness, joy, positive energy, and happiness, while concurrently reliving stress. Prior to naming the group The Bergamot, Speece and Hoff would burn the oil in their studio as a method of aromatherapy. They would also regularly drink Earl Grey tea which is made up of the bergamot oil. After great deliberation Speece and Hoff decided the name was a perfect fit for their group since they felt the uses of the Bergamot paralleled with the purpose of their music. They believe that “music” is meant to bring happiness, joy, and positive energy to its listeners in the same way bergamot oil brings joy and energy to its users. Five months later they decided to expand their duo. During the fall of 09’ they began collaborating with Grant Inman (Drummer, of Elkhart, Indiana) and Andrew Teeple (Bassist, of Fort Wayne, Indiana). By January 29th they headlined in Chicago, IL at The Elbo Room and Uncommon Grounds. The next week, February 6, 2010, they were featured on the globally syndicated Greg Jarrett Show, WGN Chicago Radio.  “Wow the Bergamot oh boy… I am telling you we’ve got people outside on the sidewalk clapping as well. That is a nice sound… the heck with American Idol, the heck with the Grammys, we had no pitch correction, that was live right into the mic’s in the studio, Jillian that is a fantastic sound…remember you heard them first here on WGN Chicago.”(Greg Jarret WGN Chicago Radio Show, 6 February 2010.) In addition, to The Bergamot’s growing popularity by the third week of March (March 18th, 2010) they released their first EP, “Smile”. After two weeks it was released on i-Tunes and became a top seller on Digstation.com. The flavor of Smile is fresh, fun, and retro it is lively and catchy. Currently, The Bergamot (Speece and Hoff) continue promoting their music world-wide while playing gigs all over the United States. They recently took America by surprise on their first National Tour, from Cincinnati, Ohio to Los Angeles, California. Their dates ranged from September-November 2010. They played over 38 gigs while crossing over 22 state lines. “The tour was a success; we managed to grow our fan base exponentially, while growing our musical talents. Going on tour offered us more opportunities than we could have ever imagined. We are thrilled and can’t wait to tour this year.” (Speece, Jillian. Personal Interview. 20, December 2010.)  Upon their arrival home The Bergamot released “Haven”, November 25, 2010, their first full length album on i-Tunes. The excited responses they received from fans worldwide were promising. As their album was streaming online, the hard copies of Haven were brewing and set to be released January 20th 2011. Meanwhile, Hoff and Speece were itching to return to their studio to do some exploratory work. While on the road they had been inspired and grew a deeper understanding of how music functions and what it means to come into one’s own. On December 12, 2010 they released their first ever single, “Winter Anthem”, a song that encompassed the soul of winter and the presence of Christmas. Once again, Winter Anthem was greatly received by their fans. As far as 2011 is concerned Speece and Hoff are diligently working to submerge themselves and their full bodied works further into the music world. Recently, The Bergamot created a new genre of music called, “Organic Pop”. This genre of music integrates elements of catchy melodies and strong rhythms with the presence of a more organic intimate sound. Organic Pop, eliminates the superfluous processing requirements of traditional pop, this genre is open to the exploratory side of music with a focus of keeping the music pure. The Bergamot believes this genre better suits their sound and will hold a greater appeal to their steadily growing audience. Additionally, they plan to tour the east coast during the Spring of 2011.  As far as this winter goes The Bergamot will spend much of their time writing, recording, performing live (predominantly in Chicago, IL), and promoting their music nationally. Mainly you will find this group together most all the time. They go together like birds of a feather and you can tell by the way there eyes light up in each others presence that they are, very much in love, serious about music, and living life to the fullest.


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