Currently, in my home state “Indiana” it has snowed nonstop for the past several days. Snow is a magnificent wonder to marvel at. I would much rather watch as it swirls to the ground then drive in it. I suppose some people are meant to enjoy driving in snow and some ( like myself) are not. You may wonder how is this relevant to me finding out about all of the exciting things The Bergamot are doing? Let me interlude with the most breaking news from The Bergamot. We here at Both Records are releasing The Bergamot’s new Single “Winter Anthem”. It will be set free to frolic in the homes, computers, and cars of the world within the next week (December 12-18th 2010). We (Jillian Speece & Nathan Hoff as The Bergamot) have written this song in hope of bringing you a song filled with the best and most honest things that the Christmas season offer us. Please take a listen to Winter Anthem at The

Winter Anthem


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