November 9, 2010


We have been on the road since September twenty third, two thousand ten on our national tour across the great plains of America. We have seen leaves change from green to gold then float ever so gently to the ground, we have seen dusty roads, tumbleweeds cross the road, cows, wild horses, pavement and then more pavement, prairie dog towns, massive spiders, butcher knives, gelato, pitas, and fresh handmade Italian noodles. We have sat six feet away from the edge of a mountain top in Colorado, we have gone to Las Vegas and have seen the Strip, we’ve seen flickers, bear tracks, heard rattle snakes, felt the hot south west sun on our faces, we have made chocolate cakes from scratch, drank the most healthy drinks of our lives, have met cute puppies, and have ate at whole foods more than 100 times. We have seen and thrown up at a place called Circuit Works in LA, we have cried laughed, and sang out hearts out all over America.

By now I have realized that we have been learning, loving, and feeling the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. We have been growing more profoundly than we imagined we could have. We are making meaning through music and continuing to be true to our souls while meeting beautiful beings along the way. This tour has taught us that we are a small fiber of a larger select group of individuals   working towards peace amongst this vast land; these individuals are the ultimate dreamers.

The dream we follow today is one that keeps us grounded, it holds us close, and it fills our lives with the best of emotions{ faith, hope, and love} while testing our weakness. We are illuminated humans because of our calling to help encourage others though music. We are blessed and are shaping our souls at every step, every breath, and at every chance we take. There are huge mountains that lie before us, and plenty of heart that lies within us to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

“The true artist must come to the humbling realization that he is actually the paint brush and not the painter”


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