Left South Bend at September 23, 2010 1PM.

First stop on tour Cincinnati Ohio.

It took 4 and 45min to get to Cincy. It was a nice drive; if we were going through here a couple weeks from now it would have been a remarkably beautiful drive. The leaves will start changing from green to brilliant, gold, red, and orange colors by then. We stopped at a random church so Nate could go take care of business in a forest area. Then we drove 45miles, we hit Carmel Indianapolis and pulled into a ritzy outdoor shopping mall looking for food to eat. Luckily we found a Whole Foods Market, our favorite! We parked the car, a then we strolled over to their salad bar & savory smelling hot bar… so much to choose from so little time. Oh-, was it yummy. Between, salad, chicken salads, “tuna salad” ( for Nate, just prefacing for all you out there I Jillian Speece don’t like tuna, maybe someday) and Tikki Curry Masala chicken, our hearts were content. Once we finished eating we booked it.

By the time we got back on the road it was starting to be rush hour. Luckily we beat the hustle of Indy’s rush. We have lots of time on the road to listen to music, read books, and talk about how we can be better musicians and people. Finally, we arrived in Cincy. By the time we pulled in to the Cincinnati downtown area our hearts began racing with anticipation. I checked us into the Mid-Point Music Festival at Garfield Hotel, the volunteers were friendly. They gave me 4 platinum wristbands that said Mid Point Music Festival on them. I guess you could get into any show with it on. They were valued at 50.00 ea. Too bad we had to leave to go to Bloomington IN early the next morning because we would have put those to good use.

The venue Mr. Pitifuls was very neat. It had a stage and an inviting atmosphere. Our sound check went great then great things continued happening after. A news reporter happened to walk in to Mr. Pitifuls and look at me and ask “are you in a band performing tonight” I say yes I am, I am the lead singer of the group The Bergamot” she replied “Great, you seem to be very energetic and talkative, would you mind doing an interview with us?” , “I said, of course I will.” The interview went great. When we were performing You & Me and the videographer was videoing us the news anchor was recording our performance on her cell phone we got a kick out of that too. The recording went on to be broadcasted on their NBC eleven o’clock news. Our segment was first on the news, it was wonderfully put together. What a great day, not to mention the crowed we had when we performed was amazingly involved. After we were off to dinner with my cousin Chris and his fiancée Stacy, they took us to Terry’s Turf Club for some good eats’. We were so hungry and it was so delicious ahhh well worth it, then off to bed for a very nice and well needed sleep. Tomorrow off to Bloomington Indiana.


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