The weeks are slipping by. We have four days until we kick off the national tour at Mid-Point Music Festival. I have a checklist of over 60 things that need to be done before we hit the road singing. I feel a bit overwhelmed at times, then quickly revert back to what my yoga teacher said to do when stressed, ” just take in deep full breaths, very deep breaths”. It seems to work…ewhen I remember to deeply breath. 🙂

Let me recap on this week starting with last Sunday September 12th 2010.

Sunday September 12th 2010: Nate and I left our region around 1:07 AM to drive to Chicago IL in order to be on WGN Chicago’s Radio Station by 3AM their time. During the trip I was fully awake. Nate was having some troubles staying away so, we pulled off the side of the road and swapped seats. By the time we got into the city we had made a pit stop and had swapped seats again, he was fully awake now which was a good thing because I wasnt as familiar with driving in Chicago as he was. I began to get the video camera out and started getting some footage just as we entered the city. Eventually, you will be able to see the footage, I am in the process of making it into a video blog! We finally found the Tribune Tower where WGN Radio is located. After entering the building we were hyped up. A heavy anticipation surrounded the air we breathed in and stepped into the Green Room. I had both the video camera and a hand held camera with me taking photos. By this point in our lives this was the second time we had been in the Green Room, our first time to WGN Radio was in January 2010 before Smile came out. We tuned up the guitar and I went through my vocal warm up routine then it was show time. We met our host Brian Noonan, who was a comedian, soon after chatting for a couple minute we realized that this was going to be a fun interview. It was a very, very fun interview. We sang 4 songs live and were found laughing in between the songs at Brian’s comments. After the show we drove down Lake Shore to sleep at my cousins college “house”. After sleeping in till 11AM we said our goodbyes and went to explore the city before we had to babysit the most fun kids ever. We spent the later part of Sunday on the beach of Lake MI hanging out with these fun, energetic kids. It was a great finish to a 2o hour day.

Monday September 13th 2010: Recording Studio all day long. (We recorded 4 more tracks for The Haven)

Tuesday September 14th 2010: Recording Studio… working from 9AM- 3AM

Wednesday September 15th 2010: Recorded until 3PM…Drove to Fort Wayne for a Band Practice. We are ready for Mid-Point Music Festival. It was a good practice. After practice, we hung with my newly engaged sister,her soon to be Husband, and their baby dog Hazel. Very fun times were had. We drove back home and hit the hay.


Thursday September 16thth 2010: Recording more tracks ( with a focus on finding a Mastering Company and a laying down layered harmonies) We make a coffee house stop with Nates Mom it was her birthday… whoop whoop. More recording then out to dinner at The Mark.

Friday September 17th 2010: We continued recording with a huge focus on harmonies, we adjusted the levels and put proper equalization on the vocals too. Work, work, work…

Saturday September 18th 2010: I spent time with family. To fun.

Sunday September 19th 2010: Much needed Family time continued into Sunday!


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