Preparing for “The Bergamot’s” National Tour

Hello Friends!

Let me begin by saying welcome to the first ever BERGAMOT BLOG! We found it necessary  to create it in order to keep you updated on our life adventures.

This BLOG has been a long time coming. We are excited to keep you filled in as we embark on a new and exciting chapter of our journey. May I forewarn you that this will be a real blog, that expresses the things that currently are consuming our lives. You will find all sorts of interesting topics within this blog-space. The topics will range from our music, the tour, songwriting, tips on different aspects of music, the joy’s , the sorrows, the frustrations, and the love of life. Most of all we will make sure you are entertained!

Each day, Nathan and I have been working diligently to tie up loose-ends before we hit the road. I have spent a large percentage of today getting T-Shirts made. Also, In between a bunch of running errands a small 1 year old toy poodle turned up on our door step, she was found lost on the golf course near our home, so my mother and I took care of her and looked for her owner.

Luckily for my father( who was getting nervous that my mother and I would want to add the lost dog to our family “in which we already have 2 dogs”), the owner  found us ( the owners are  a sweet husband and wife around the age of 79) . Additionally, I managed to renew my library card ” thank God”.  At the library, I came across a book about blogging which renewed my interest and the urgency I felt about making a blog, ( which I am doing currently at 12:45 AM).

Meanwhile, Nathan Hoff ( the guitarist/vocalist of The Bergamot and my boyfriend of 6 years) spent the day working on numerous designs that will be used for our new business cards, car decals, and posters. He called multiple venues around the MI area and Chicago area and booked up some of the tours loose ends. Nate continued to send out important emails and  managed to visit is grandparents during the later part of the day. Which leads me to now, I just got of the phone with him and we were talking about how to balance life and work and how Sufjan Stevens will be playing a show at the crofoot ( this was a relevant topic because we will be playing at the crofoot the night before he does, pretty sweet!

I hope you will continue to read our blog and stay in touch with whats up on our side of the woods. Feel free to comment on our blogs too.

May grace find you today and peace lighten your life tomorrow,

– Jillian

PS we are coming out with a new Album this Fall called “Haven”

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